Install WhatsApp for PC on Mac

As you should already know, WhatsApp is an instant messaging app for the majority of Smartphones available for Iphone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows Phone. This app has been a revolution in SMS world due to the reduction of costs in the phone bill, allowing send a lot of messages at no extra cost. And now, thanks to Android emulators you can have WhatsApp for PC on your MAC.

For this, first you have to install an Android emulator on your MAC. You can get it on the official website of BlueStacks (one of the best emulators) and install it on your computer easily following the instructions that appear on the screen. Once installed, you have to download WhatsApp from Bluestacks and run it from there. As you have seen, it is very easy and fast to get this instant messaging app on your device MAC. Now it is time to have fun with WhatsApp for Mac.

Whatsapp for Mac