Apps for Samsung devicesAdd my guardian

Records a tutor for you is that app through which you can register a family member, a friend or your partner as your guardian for an emergency. The tutor can activate emergency mode on your mobile Smartphone that will allow you to locate them easily.

block my mobile

Lock my device, with this app you can lock your phone remotely so others can not use it and minimize the threat of theft of personal information. You can configure a message to appear on the screen of your Smartphone blocked and assign a phone number that can be dialed mobile still being blocked.

call-log-functionWith the app Records Calls you can check the list of recently received calls that have been saved on your smartphone for a week. With this app you’ll see if you have stopped taking calls or if someone has used your mobile phone to contact someone else.

Call my device Smartphone

Call my device: With this function the default Smartphone tone at maximum volume is emitted for one minute, it will not matter the setting or tone of the call. When the bell, all those who are next to your mobile lost and you’ll have more chances to find sounds.

Find My device Samsung

The service Find My Mobile has functions “block my terminal” and “Remove terminal” that allows to minimize the possibility that the information be disclosed in case you lose your mobile while to discover where it is Smartphone you lost by funciĆ³ “Find my terminal”


Unlock my screen: Have you forgotten your lock pattern, PIN or password you ?. Now you will not have to worry, because with the “unlock my screen” you can remove the configuration screen lock your phone remotely. In some device models this function can be used to cancel the “Lock my Smartphone”.

search-my-mobileFind my mobile: Where is my Smartphone ?. The “Find My Mobile” it is one that will allow you to find the location in which you have terminal at the time.



Using emergency mode to save battery: With this app you can use the emergency mode to save power and prolong battery life. If the terminal which have been registered as tutor emergency mode should work for longer active. Emergency mode decreases the brightness of the screen and disables most apps and functions of the destination terminal in order to prolong battery life.


Remove my device: Use the “Delete my device” as a last resort to protect all your information. This function will remove all data that has been stored in the internal memory, external, SIM card and data that have been stored on your terminal. You can reset the terminal to default. The “Find My Mobile” there shall be none available after deletion and reset your terminal.

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