Line for PC

"Line for PC the fashionable app in Asian continent. Make free voice calls and video calls with Line for PC. Find out all of Line for PC features"


Line, or as many people call, the Japanese WhatsApp, is an instant messaging app of the Japanese giant Naver. Line offers the ability to send free text messages and make free voice calls and video calls to users of Line, among other services.

After its spectacular growth in Asian countries, Line opened its doors to the rest of the world, reaching millions of users around the world. On July 2013, this app exceeds 200 million users worldwide. Nowadays, Line has more than 400 milion users. In the last year, this instant messaging app has taken a giant step and soon it will be able to wrest the throne to WhatsApp.

No more extra charges! Line gives you the chance of sending text messages, images and video files, plus make voice calls and video calls completely free.

WhatsApp for PC

Line PC version

Line has a PC version called Line PC. It gives you the ability to have chat on your PC and your Smartphone. For those do not have a Smartphone also can get this great app and communicate with friends and family thanks to Line for PC.

As in the case of WhatsApp for PC, you can also have Line app on your computer using Android emulators.

Do not miss this fantastic application and follow all the latest Line offers. Line has many applications such as Line Camera, Line Cards, Line Brush or Line Game. And enjoy with its leading product, the Stickers, to entertain your chat rooms.

Line for PC Features

Line for PC has several tools or features to its users so as to get in touch with their contacts. The most important Line for PC features are:

• Free text messages

• Free voicecalls and videocalls

• Make group chats

• Record your own videoclips adding a background music

• Sharing your location and line contacts

• Sending of photos and videos

• A lot of Stickers and Emoticons to make more fun your posts

• And the latest Line for PC feature, Hidden Chat. Sending messages in a limited time.

Have fun with this application and pass it to your contacts.