How to install WhatsApp on your computer

To install WhatsApp for PC you only need a computer, internet and a number of mobile phone. Despite this app has been developed for Smartphones, it is possible to run WhatsApp on your PC thanks to the existing Android emulators.

Android Emulator

YouWave is a tool that can emulate the Android OS on the computer and allows you to download WhatsApp on your PC. With this software you can use all the features of this messaging app. Youwave only runs with Windows XP or above.

Whatsapp for PC

Remember that you can not use the same phone number on your Smartphone and your PC cause WhatsApp only runs with one device. If you haven’t got a Smartphone, you can use your phone number. And how to get a new phone number to use download WhatsApp for PC?

Get a number

You can get a phone number on FonYou. They have numbers for Android, Iphone and PC. You must register on their site to get a phone number. Choose the computer option and select one of the numbers that are showed.

They ask for some data that you have to fill and then you will receive an e-mail to confirm the request. Finally, you must enter the number chosen to receive the activation code by SMS.

Download and Install

Once you get the new number, you have to download and install the Android emulator YouWave and at the same time, download the app WhatsApp for Android version APK file format. You have to save this file in a folder that you have to create on the desktop.

Once you have installed the Android emulator, set it up and go to the toolbar “File - Path to Apps..”. and then select the folder for WhatsApp you just downloaded.

Once you set up WhatsApp, you have to enter the phone number given by FonYou and then click on “OK”. The verification of the number will last few minutes. The process will fail but the system gives you two options to choose: edit the number or make a call to the phone number associated with the new number given by FonYou (Call Me option). Select the second option and wait for the phone call in which an activation code will be given in English to enter it on the app.

Once the download and installation has finished, you can get the most out of this wonderful app and share good times with your contacts.