Free Text Messages with WeChat PC.

Wechat the asian Chat


With chat applications you can send free text messages. Now you have the ability to send free text messages from your computer with WeChat for PC.

Every day millions of users around the world send free text messages to any of your contacts. Send free text messages with Chat applications for Smartphone are a fun way to spend a good time with all your contacts

WhatsApp for PC

Send free text messages with WeChat for PC

Since the appearance of WhatsApp for PC every day there are more smartphone users seeking new applications to send free text messages and now the instant messaging world offers endless possibilities to communicate with our contacts through free text messages. Forget SMS and start discovering the world of instant messaging. You can send free text messages wherever you are, just select your contact and write the message.

All instant messaging applications offer the ability to send images and video files without this action represents a cost. With free instant messaging you can send a photo of your holiday at the time.