Free Calls with Viber for PC

Make free Calls with Viber


Make free Calls with Viber for PC, the best instant messaging application gives you the ability to make calls and send free text messages.

Free calls are one of the functions that must be present in an application for instant messaging, WhatsApp for PC does not offer this feature . Viber for PC gives you the opportunity to talk for free with all Viber users. Viber for PC is one of the last applications that offer users free calls. The market for instant messaging applications and this application is changing Israelite home each day offers more features to users.

WhatsApp for PC

Free calls anytime

Free calls to anywhere in the world with instant messaging applications offer voice calls. The telecommunications sector is changing and therefore increasingly chat applications offer the ability to make calls between users. Viber is the most downloaded app for Smartphone users in the Asian continent and begins its expansion worldwide.