Know these applications to block calls

Know these applications to block calls

Know these applications to block calls

To times we do not want to receive calls from certain companies and certain friends and family, that is why it is good to have an application to block unwanted calls

Know these applications to block calls
Know these applications to block calls

One of the applications is Call Control

Call Control is a simple application, but with a lot of potential. What is the difference from the rest is that it is based in the community, that is, users participate actively to identify spam. This creates what is called ‘black community’ where there is no room for thousands of calls from spam blocked automatically.

To enter the application you will find a menu with different options, among them, there is ‘Community’, where we can see that phones have been reported as spam. In addition, if we have doubts about a phone number, you only have to enter it into the search bar and tell us if you are already in the database as spam.

Another option that I find very useful is the ‘Do Not Disturb’, where we will also be able to set up in a very easy and intuitive to those hours in which we do not want to receive any calls, or calls only from our list of favorites.

Mr. Number – Block calls & spam

with Mr. Number we will be able to lock it so simple both unwanted calls as they appear without identification. In addition, we can also block SMS. As soon as you enter the application access to a list which shows the latest calls and text messages received. By clicking on one of these numbers directly to the lock screen where you just have to click on the sign.

Calls Blacklist

This application is visually pleasing, simple, and adapted to Material Design so that you can block those heavy at the same time that you glad a little the view. The use of this application is very intuitive, you’re going to need an engineering manual to learn how to use it. When you receive a call that you don’t want to, only you should go to the application, give it to the ” ” button and choose whether you want to block the number for a contact, of someone who has called you or you can enter the number to hand.


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