iOS 11 best mobile operating system in the world

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iOs mejor sistema operativo mundial

The welcome among customers after the launch of iOS 11 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is very good.

iOS 11 is not a perfect operating system, every version of iOS and Android will always have its flaws and its virtues however iOS 11 has happened to be is the best mobile operating system in the world.

Next we relate the reason of the previously expressed

1 – User interface

iOS 11 mejor sistema operativo mundial

The iOS user interface has always been at the forefront. It is modern, intuitive, simple, minimalist and easy to use.

The company Apple has added a few changes that have visually improved the aesthetics of the system user interface in iOS 11: Control Center, Lock Screen, Notifications Center, Dock, animations, their native apps as the App Store.

2 – Messaging

iOS 11 mejor sistema operativo mundial

 Instant messaging apps are a must in our life hence Apple every year add new features in your iOS applications such as:

a) – Store application: Apple implemented a Store Application to download apps in iMessage to send GIFs, search Google images, send Stickers, play, etc. With iOS 11 your system has been greatly improved to provide a simpler, more intuitive and more efficient user interface.

b) – Emotion: with emojification iOS 11 customers can write a word in the chat and automatically convert it into an emoji with a single tap.

c) – Effects: the Messages application is the one that will enable you to send chat effects and extraordinary background effects

d) – Apple Pay: is another of the most interesting new features of iOS 11. Not yet available. It makes it possible to send mobile payments between people using iMessage.

3 – Personalization

iOS 11 mejor sistema operativo mundial

 Apple has decided to leave behind the limitations and provide much more personalization to its customers. iOS 11 is the most customizable iPhone and iPad operating system ever.

With iOS 11 you can not only change the appearance of the keyboard and introduce more applications in the Dock (iPad) but you have the option to change the elements present in the Control Center. You can add a button to record the iPhone screen, another to access the low power mode, another button to use the Apple TV remote, etc.

4 – Multitask

iOS 11 mejor sistema operativo mundial

It is one of the most important features that have made iOS 11 the best mobile operating system in the world.

With the iOS 11 Multitasking you can open any secondary app from the Dock itself, even though you are inside an application you can make the Dock appear and open another app to use them at the same time.

Thanks to Drag & Drop, clients can organize, move and transfer files, documents, images, videos and text between two applications in a very simple and convenient way.

5 – Siri

iOS 11 mejor sistema operativo mundial-06

Siri the iOS 11 virtual assistant you can make a video call FaceTime to a particular customer or things as complex as turning on the light of the living room of your home through a simple command of voice.

In iOS 11 Apple has improved Siri’s proactivity, has incorporated a function to write your requests to Siri and has changed their voices by a more natural


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