How to use WhatsApp Web

How to use WhatsApp Web

How to use WhatsApp Web

Whatsapp web

With the WhatsApp app you can have a much better experience since you can use your account in your terminal and on your PC.

WhatsApp Web is an extension of the account on your mobile device. This means that the messages you send and receive on your PC and on your Smartphone are synchronized and you can see them on both devices.

If you do an action on WhatsApp on your mobile device affects WhatsApp Web and every action on WhatsApp Web affects WhatsApp in your terminal.

At the moment WhatsApp Web is only available for the terminals: Android, iPhone 8.1+, Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1, Nokia S60, Nokia S40 Single SIM EVO, BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10.

It is important that you know that WhatsApp Web does not constitute another WhatsApp account. When using WhatsApp on a computer or your terminal, you access the same account on two different devices.

Requirements to enjoy WhatsApp Web:

1 – Have an active WhatsApp account on your mobile device.

2 – Maintain a stable and reliable Internet connection on your Smartphone and PC

3 – Use the latest version of one of these browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Edge.

Getting started with WhatsApp Web

  1. Go to on your PC
  2. Open WhatsApp in your terminal.
  • On Android: Go to the Chats> Menu> WhatsApp Web screen.
  • Nokia S60 and Windows Phone: Go to Menu> WhatsApp Web.
  • On iPhone: Go to Settings> WhatsApp Web.
  • In BlackBerry: Go to Chats> Menu> WhatsApp Web.
  • On BlackBerry 10: slides from the top edge of the screen> WhatsApp Web.
  • In Nokia S40: slides from the bottom edge of the screen> WhatsApp Web.
  1. Scan the QR code on your PC with your device.

At the terminal go to WhatsApp Web to see your computers with open sessions or to log out of WhatsApp Web.

To avoid charges associated with using mobile data on your device, we recommend that you only connect to Wi-Fi on your handset while using WhatsApp Web


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