Things you can do through your phone

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Cosas que puedes hacer movil
The devices have become the technological tool par excellence. Studies of eMarketer reported that in 2016 had 4,300 million mobile phones. Not all of them are smartphones, with percentages of smart devices from almost 79% for the United States, 72% in Western Europe and 50 per cent in Latin America.
The key to the success of the terminals lies in its ability to carry out tasks that previously only you could do with devices designed to measure for this such as photography and other.

The thousand and one faces of a mobile

The mobile has Clock, Calculator, stopwatch, mirror, we serves as a means of payment which assumes the role of the credit card, as a notebook or as multimedia player. If we accompany a device as a Chromecast or a smart TV connected is a leisure center to view series and movies from streaming services. Thanks to its position sensors and movement is a GPS for the car or an activity monitor capable of counting steps, measure distances and provide statistics on our outdoor activities.

Cosas que puedes hacer movil
Is an ideal companion for jogging or exit in bike and measure the parameters sport of these activities. Tells us what shops, services or points of interest there are around us.
In travel can be our boarding pass or our train ticket or bus. We use it as a voice recorder, as “key” to enter places with access through electronic authentication, to read a newspaper, magazine or an electronic book and we communicate thanks in a variety of ways: text, voice or video.
The device is used to work with apps like Office PowerPoint or Excel, assuming the role of a PC or a tablet. Edit photos and videos can be done from the device with apps designed especially for this hardware.
It is used as a flashlight, as a system of geolocalisation of people, to manage social networks and even manage a blog. The device allows that we manage our finances, both to take account of the bank transactions as to access the electronic administration, is a great agenda with reminders, reminders of appointments, events or meetings.


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