This is the Samsung Galaxy S8 active, the more resistant the Galaxy

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Samnsung Galaxy S8
The company Samsung has always been characterized by showcase on the market a large number of devices, in this way each time any customer want to buy a mobile has always a Smartphone from Samsung hanging over there, this being a smart move.
In the company there is the family more features of it which are none other than the Active. In spite of which do not become a family of devices in themselves but are versions more resistant to other existing devices of the brand as the Galaxy S7 active.

Samnsung Galaxy S8
After a few months since the launch of the flagship of the Koreans, the Samsung Galaxy S8 active has become to filter thanks to Amazon and we already know your final design.
The Samsung Galaxy S8 active will have a flat screen and specifications similar to the Galaxy S8. This filtration is thanks to a seller of Amazon that is selling crystals temperate for Samsung Galaxy S8 active.

Due to this have been confirmed leaks of makes one months about the design of the device. As you can appreciate gets rid of the side curve so characteristic of the new devices Samsung and its top and bottom frames grow up a little.

Samnsung Galaxy S8
The change in its design is purely logical since the terminals Active are oriented to the resistance and the curves on the screen make it easier to tap the screen to fall to the ground. This is because the screen covers side space and not because it is less resistant.
In relation to their specifications do not know too until the moment we think that they are very different from those of the Samsung Galaxy S8 traditional: a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and 4 GB of RAM. With regard to the screen is where there are some doubts since it was not known if Samsung will opt to give you the size of the Galaxy S8 or the Galaxy S8+


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