The new Samsung Galaxy S8 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S8
It is undeniable that the new Samsung Galaxy S8 has been a revolution in the field of the Android devices. It is more likely that a few like more or like less. Its characteristics and its concept make it a terminal of high level.
The seems to have been able to filter some characteristics of a course Samsung Galaxy S8 mini, with some specifications somewhat reduced. Of course, this is not an official information so that we must grasp this news with tweezers and wait for everything to be confirm or disprove.

A reduced version of the Galaxy S8 very probably filtered

Samsung Galaxy S8
For being a version “mini” of the Galaxy S8 original would have a hardware a little shorter than that of his older brother. While it would be “the bicho” that is S8 normal would short either.

Then you relate some of their specifications:

Samsung Galaxy S8
1 – Screen of 5’3 inches, although with its ratio of screen seems to be a phone about 4’7 inches.
2 – The Galaxy S8 mini would not have the frameworks below and above as small as in its higher ranges.
3 – Front Chamber of 12MP, 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory.
4 – Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 821
5 – Recognition of iris.
Availability and prices of the Galaxy S8 mini

According to the news it is known that this Galaxy S8 mini would be available first in South Korea, has not yet been confirmed no date type. This information may not be true for the fact that Samsung leads by pulling rather more toward its processors own, the Exynos. Time will tell if this version will come to light.


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