Samsung could use batteries of solid state in the not too distant future

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 Samsung podría utilizar nuevas bateria
Each device and client a terminal in the world is different. Each person using your device for different things from there that we do not need terminals equal. Some require more camera, other more speed and others simply balance.
There is one thing in common for all customers and that is that we want the battery will last longer, although there are terminals going Sobrado, being something inevitable. For this reason the company Samsung is looking for the solution to this major problem in batteries of solid state and which could be seen in the Devices Galaxy in the not too distant future.

 Samsung podría utilizar nuevas baterias
The batteries of solid state, the future of telephony

 Samsung podría utilizar nuevas baterias
The company Samsung is a specialist in what refers to the batteries in both the internal and in the powerbanks. Is reportedly working in order to be able to soon include solid-state batteries within their devices having many advantages over the lithium batteries as usual.
The best of these advantages is that these batteries in solid state are less prone to explosions because they are formed by solid electrolytes that do not have so many problems.
According to a press release from an executive of the division of batteries of Samsung in the Korea Herald, the Korean company will have this technology in a mature state in one or two years. But everything will depend on Samsung Electronics , the array, deploy to mobile terminals or no.
The executive also said that LG is in a position similar to yours, so that it would not be strange that in three or four years rises with devices with batteries in solid state which would revolutionize the world of telephony. At the moment we have to wait and see if this is carried out or if the manufacturers decide to ignore this technology.


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