Samsung Galaxy S7: release date, features and price.

Samsung Galaxy S7: release date, features and price.

The new technologies that are introduced every year in the terminals are becoming more captivating. The Smartphone have features more dazzling every time they go to the market. For this reason, we have the dedication and perseverance of large company like Samsung or Apple at the time of producing their new terminals. Today we’ll tell you everything we know about the Galaxy S7.

There is very little that we know about the new Smartphone Company’s flagship Samsung; however it is expected a performance grandiose as happened with the device Samsung Galaxy S6. However are very large expectations that the new device Galaxy S7 has been raised. Customers have come to expect that the new terminal created by the South Korean company is even more amazing, continuing the line of quality and creativity that began with the Galaxy S6.

There are other companies like HTC and LG who are working to achieve a great deal of trust among their customers thanks to the latest terminals that have been released on the market The data of the possible launch of the new Galaxy S7 of which we have and their features are very few.

It is likely that the terminal Galaxy S6 is present in a few months ago and after it is launched on the market to begin with its sale to the public. That is why the new mobile Galaxy S7 delays in getting to market. Taking into account the news the more likely it is that this new terminal Galaxy S7 is released onto the market mid-year 2016.

It is thought that the mobile Galaxy S6 hits the market possibly in the month of March 2015. However there are some ways to ensure that the terminal Galaxy S7 can carry another name. At the moment we have no data on the subject, or information, that is why we can only wait and we’ll give you information on all the details I know.

Technical Features of the Galaxy S7.

The new terminal company Samsung, the Galaxy S7 you will have a technical specifications of high range. The company does not sacrifice performance in new terminal insignia. It is expected that the new mobile Samsung Galaxy S7 come with at least 4 GB of RAM, given that current devices have been equipped with 3 GB of RAM which is why it would be a logical step. The Samsung Galaxy S5 had 2 GB of RAM memory, and therefore to each new terminal insignia, over the last few years, this amount of GB has increased in 1 GB additional.

The clock speed of the processor insurance will revolve around the 3 GHz and is very likely that the processor consists of 8 cores, a novelty that introduced MediaTek and lately has already been incorporating other creators of SoCs such as Qualcomm or Samsung.

Display of the Samsung Galaxy S7:

The device will most likely Samsung Galaxy S7 has a larger screen, insurance type Super AMOLED and resolution 4K. This should be a point where the company Samsung search gives everything to counteract the finest traditional screens that other companies are able to incorporate the competition as HTC or Apple.

With all of this in mind it is more likely that the company south Korea’s attempt to offer customers a screen even in a higher resolution 4K curve. This is not to say that consumers are not satisfied with the terminal screens from Samsung, however the expectations with this company are always at the top.

Looking at the size of the current models, and continuing with the current trend of the test models, along with the screens that we have seen in the device Galaxy S6 or at the Galaxy S5, most likely it is not more than 5.5 inches, being nothing more to a few inches below this size.

Cameras and battery:

One of the biggest factors in the success of the terminals is without doubt the cameras. The company Samsung has a great reputation in this field, which is why it is very good news. The supporters are confident that the camera rear main count with a sensor 20 MP and spoke of the company Samsung could reach even to the 30 megapixels. Do not neglect the front sensor, which should at least be 5 MP. On the other side we will see flash with LED dual and many other features.

The battery of the mobile will be greater to cope with the higher needs of the built-in hardware more powerful. You will have a battery that as a minimum, you 3,000 mAh for Samsung Galaxy S7 and 3600 mAh for Galaxy S7 Edge, and should serve as a spare for the terminal endurance throughout the day without the need to be loaded.

Prices of the Galaxy S7:

We know, the most interesting part, the value that will be the new terminal Galaxy S7, and despite the fact that it is too early to comment on the same, we assume that the value will be high, this may be due to the high technology built-in hardware and in the quality of the materials, being manufactured the device safe on metal. The price of the model of greater storage is very possible that reach around 700 euros.


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