Galaxy S7 two chipset variants: 820 Snapdragon vs Exynos M1.

Galaxy S7 two chipset variants: 820 Snapdragon vs Exynos M1

It is very likely that the company Samsung has not relied on Qualcomm for the Galaxy S6 terminal. But that does not mean that the decision is final and unchangeable, because according to recent news suggests that the Smartphone Galaxy S7 will operate with a Snapdragon 820.

Resigned from the company Samsung Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 Exynos 7420 for the benefit of its own production to the Galaxy S6 Mobile Edge, the industry realized that this decision was very smart of the company Samsung is in South Korea. Other fed chipset Qualcomm had difficulties terminal overheating problems impeding good performance.

Chipset for Samsung Galaxy S7

In spite of this the rupture of relations between these two companies never materialized and taking into account the recent news, the company Samsung can that this by devising the creation of two variants of its next terminal: the Galaxy S7, which may have “Jungfrau” as a name in key. Option number one will have with the newly announced Snapdragon 810 and the variant number two will be powered by a chipset own Samsung, the more likely the Exynos M1.

The news we have come from DreamX,media of South Korea, which has stated that the company Samsung has been tested strictly the Snapdragon 820 in their laboratories, with which you want to ensure that it does not experience the same difficulties thermal that is appreciated in the early version of the Snapdragon 810.

This is not the first time that the company Samsung rekindles his relationship with Qualcomm, since the month of April, the head of the division of Samsung mobile – J. K. Shin – stated that not closed the door to work with Qualcomm in the future.

“We must use the best engines to make our products are competitive, that is why we have opted to use our own chips,” said Shin after being launched the Galaxy S6, and added: “but it is very likely that we use products from Qualcomm again for the next phone Galaxy.”

Exynos for Galaxy S7

If the company Samsung decided to renew its cooperation with Qualcomm and use a new chipset, are that it will be the Snapdragon 820, which will be available to be mounted in the next year 2016 and will be where we see in the West, while the Exynos M1 will be limited to South Korea, or at least that was what the company did before 2015 with its flagship Galaxy S.

On the other hand Qualcomm was very battered when the company Samsung rejection of the Snapdragon 810 for its two flagships present, and the order has been able to eliminate these problems of overheating. For the Snapdragon 820 everything points to the fact that Qualcomm has evolved from its architecture cortex in favor of eight cores Kyro custom.

In addition, there are other comments that point out that there will be a fourth core Snapdragon 820 with cores “Hydra” and GPU sympatheticadrenal medullary 530, which will mean an improvement of 40% in relation to the Snapdragon 810. It is thought to be manufactured in the process of 14nm FinFET, using a technology similar to Exynos 7420, supporting 4GB of RAM LPDDR4, encoding/decoding 4K at 60fps and storage UFS.


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