The Galaxy S7 projector holographic images.

The Galaxy S7 projector holographic images.

All the days we know new information about the terminal Samsung Galaxy S7 that we approach each time as the not-too-distant future.

The company Samsung not only focuses on the output to the market very soon of the Galaxy Note 5 together with the spin-off Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, but is also working on new terminals for a future, which is why I have registered a patent for a holographic screen.

It is true what you have just read, a screen with holographic technology on a device. We should not be surprised a lot because there are the images 3D that are projected in the air while we have mobile phones in our hands.

We have no way of knowing if this patent in the style of Star Wars, which was archived long ago in a galaxy far far away to half of the year 2014 can be seen very soon in the new terminal Galaxy S7. We can only wait until December .

Holographic technology for device screens Galaxy S7

The holographic technology for device screens has always been a wet dream for both employers and users. However if the patent is found to be what you think, the company Samsung would have chosen a panel dome to create projected images from the palm of our hand.

However one thing to be capable of projecting icons and images that are predefined as proposed by the patent and another thing is completely support customer interaction with objects or facilitate the development of videos dimensional.


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