Accelerates the development of the Galaxy S7.

Development Galaxy S7

Accelerates the development of the Galaxy S7.

It is well known that the new terminal Galaxy S7 does not come on the market until the beginning of next year, however the company Samsung has been working diligently on its future device. The latest information suggests that the Korean company can that this hastening its process of development in up to two months.

According to the story of Asia today, the company Samsung is modifying its methodology of the process of elaboration of Waterfall to the known as “agile”. As its name indicates this new method will facilitate to the Korean company achieve a development approach more agile, focusing on one aspect and at the same time returns to analyze an over-arching concept of the whole process. Alk compare with Watterfall, this procedure was step by step and does not support reverse.

A merit key Agile is to facilitate the inclusion of a novel modality or piece of hardware later on in case they become famous. This will allow the overall process is faster. Is not yet confirmed that the company Samsung launches its terminal Galaxy S7 before they are scheduled. We must bear in mind however that the terminal Galaxy Note 5 hit the market a month earlier than usual, so that a launch early of the Galaxy S7 would also be possible.

Yet we do not have all the details of the new Galaxy S7 terminal, according to new reports we have that I have already told, the company Samsung has not yet been decided between using a Qualcomm processor or opt for its own chip Exynos. Of course that Samsung has much time to make a decision; we hope to provide more concrete details and leaks news very soon.


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