Samsung Galaxy S7 with authentication by scanning of iris.

Samsung Galaxy S7 with authentication by scanning of iris.

There are certain comments from South Korea, which suggest that the company Samsung and LG are preparing for an upcoming release of terminals with authentication systems based on iris. This statement confirms that both Samsung and LG might endow with scanners of iris its two terminals insignia of the next year, which represents both Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 incorporate modern procedures for access via sensors biometric.

New features on Samsung Galaxy S7

Much before it was launched to market the Samsung Galaxy S5, there were comments pointing to the fact that Samsung had plans incorporate an iris scan in your series of mobile insignia. However this did not happen and that is why those comments have returned after the announcement of the new Smartphone flagship in discord: the Galaxy Note 4, this terminal will be the first in the company Samsung that has this function. The company has been given to understand that since last year I was studying this technology and it appeared that the fruits of that hard work will come to light.

Alls rumors of new model Samsung Galaxy S7

Comments on the scanner iris came to light approximately a year and a half ago and were considered as a technology of futuristic, causing the disappointment for many people to know that the only alternative access biotermic Galaxy S5 was in the fingerprint reader. Has been a while and everything seems to be different, since the scanners of iris could have obtained its maturity.

In this way such technology would not be a novelty, because the Live X5 Pro placed on the market in China last year was the first terminal that employment that authentication technology through the scanner iris. On the other hand the mobile Fujitsu Arrows NX F- 04G which was released on the Japanese market exclusively for the attendant NTTDoCoMo’S also has a function very similar. It is no wonder that these new technologies in terminals are adopted first in the Asian continent and then to reach western markets.

Still wait to see the development of scanners iris in the new generation of Smartphone. It took some years to see how they’ve matured fingerprint readers and to make them effective. However its operation as the authentication method quick and reliable that we wanted has not been possible in practice, it is conceivable then that might happen the same with the scanners iris.

If these comments will become certain, terminals Galaxy S7 and LG G5 may have the desired iris scan what become Smartphone unique and different from the rest of terminals of the heap. It is likely that both devices are in the early stages of development, everything can be possible. The most suggestive before they are released to the world market, is that both Samsung and LG make internal tests within the South Korean market.

We have information from the studies that tell us that the recognition systems of iris are more reliable than fingerprint readers, which will make it possible for this technology is perfect for payment systems through the terminal. We will have to wait and see if the company Samsung dares to be at the forefront of this modern and elitist technology.


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