The rumour almost ruled out that the Galaxy S7 could have a foldable design

Rumors of new Galaxy S7

Is Already too close to the departure date to the market of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, the terminal more significant to the company, hence that rumours begin about the same, we are beginning to be disseminated through the new technologies available at present. Has created a great expectation on this new mobile, which may not be used until within nine months approximately. If we take into account the history of launch of the mobile company Samsung is most likely to wait for the Mobile World Congress to be carried out in 2016 from 22 to 25 February.

The Smartphone Galaxy S6 has been able to increase the expectations in regard to the new terminals that intends to put in the market the company Samsung. The variety of Galaxy S6 was without a doubt one of the bets more important that done by the company to the version of the 2014: the Galaxy S5. The terminal Galaxy S5 was not what was expected, hence was not very well received in the shops, this is due to the effect of plastic that transmitted. Taking into account what happened with the Galaxy S5, the company Samsung has modified the elaboration in plastic with a metal much better in terms of its quality, this has been very well received by the public interested in buying a new terminal of much better quality than its predecessor.

Taking into account these experiences, it is hoped that the Smartphone Galaxy S7 follow with that dynamic until its launch is expected in the year 2016. There are rumors that this new terminal smart is more revolutionary than the one that emerged on the market this year 2015.At the beginning of the year there were rumors that this new Smartphone Galaxy S7 could have a design amazing based on its folding screen, these comments in the supply chain of the company Samsung recommend a gadget in particular, which is located near to the comment, that is why he can be adjusted to the Galaxy S7 (or a version of the same).

The series LG G Flex is the terminal more authentic than has been put on the market in recent years by the company LG Electronics Ind. The Smartphone LG G Flex 2 has a flexible display very original and the company intends to continue also in that direction. It is for this reason that all the current news suggest that the company Samsung will take into account this aspect of the series of LG for the new Galaxy S7. With this in mind, the screen of this mobile Galaxy S7 will be flexible, be able to be folded and resist damage.

Protected by sapphire crystal.

The sapphire crystal will be a material that will be used in the new terminal taking into account what is being said about the same. Such material is considered to be very hard and has been linked with the Iphone for some time, which has led to the emergence in the display technology of the Apple wathc.

The company Apple, or what is the same apple, has submitted some other disadvantages with the breakage of glass on sapphire, however the company Samnsug has nine months to perfect the same in your new Galaxy S7.

On the other hand the company Samsung you can take of the Apple the use of the feedback haptic in the Galaxy S7, this technology has been built recently in the SmartWatch of Apple, which constitutes a current feature inside of the line MacBook laptops from Apple. This feature makes Samsung you want to incorporate it in their terminals and very specifically in the new Galaxy S7.

From the company Samsung sac to market its range of tvs with screens curves have been associated more with screens curves, this has become much more popular. Because of this it is thought that the company Samsung continue to expand greatly the number of varieties curves that will have the terminal Galaxy S7 , which will be known in the next year 2016.

Screen curved for Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge

Emphasis on the screen curved Samsung Galaxy Edge

According to news that have given us to know, the corporation korean has decided to greatly increase the models curved of the Smartphone Galaxy S7 when it is placed on the market for all those fans that are excited about the upcoming release of these mobiles on the part of the company Samsung. Working in this way please to all those customers interested in this new terminal Galaxy S7 Edge which will be a terminal much more refreshed than the previous Galaxy S6 Edge.

The company Samsung plans to launch to the market the version of a phablet of the extent of the terminal Galaxy S6 before the end of the year. Its production will be much greater than the versions curves of the past terminals.

The company Samsung has presented us their terminals with screens curves and flexible in some events that have been developed in advance, between these events have occurred in the year 2008 where they made their first appearance. All this makes it indicate that this model of technology may be affordable for the company enter at the time the Galaxy S7 is placed on the market.

However to all of the above, it should be noted that the alterations in the design of the terminal Galaxy S7 will be very few. This is because the company Samsung aims to maintain the standard of the fame of the mobile Galaxy S6. Any change in this new terminal will be centered on its flexible display, in addition to that you are working on improving their technical characteristics.

Resolution 4K for the screen.

The only way to the terminal screen Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has made it possible for the company Samsung this linked to the manufacture of high quality screens. All this has made possible for them to discuss that the mobile Galaxy S7 can include very soon the technology of screen with resolution 4K, if so we will be in the presence of the first Smartphone to exit to the market that have a screen with this peculiarity.

There is still time for you this terminal to reach be launched since before must exit the market other terminals, hence that the exclusivity in terms of the display is not guaranteed. Were that to happen, i.e. it is launched on the market another Smartphone with screen resolution 4K before you see the light the Galaxy S7, will grow dramatically the opportunity of this terminal in regard to the emotion and imposition of its display technology.

Modernization also of TouchWiz is possible, but a warning toward Tizen is beyond doubt. There is talk that the company Samsung will incorporate a whopping 6GB of RAM with the intention that competitors will not be able to be able to match this figure.

In this way the more likely it is that we should await the next year to start to learn about the first official statements from the company Samsung about the launch of this new terminal Galaxy S7.


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