Galaxy S7 could have a stunning design without bezels

The multinational Samsung Electronics has shown its latest developments in their phones that can find in the stores a few days ago, they are treated the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Galaxy. Despite these developments already beginning to talk about the last generation model: Galaxy S7.

You know what you have devised the conceptual designers ?, is the new Galaxy terminal S7 which have been shown several representations of the same.

We have already begun to publish a representation by Mesut G. Designs of what is expected S7 Galaxy Edge, a modern and striking concept for multinational Samsung.

The creators are behind Mesut. G Desings have devised something different in the Galaxy S7, this will have a design devoid bezels. The front panel shall be composed entirely of screen even its edges on both sides. Because of this they are not mobile like this design. The Galaxy Smartphone S7 has no physical Home button. Mesut G. Desings only tells about the attractive design of the new terminal and almost no specific functions.

Some websites have commented that the Galaxy S7 terminal could have a whopping 6GB of RAM, screen wil have a 4K resolution and a processor octa – core with a speed of 3 GHz. It also says that the company will use the Cyclone Samsung HMP technology to the Galaxy S7 chipset. On the other hand it is expected that this terminal has a high-quality metal and glass design for the main camera of 20 megapixels. It is also expected that the processor of this Smartphone is revolutionary.

In addition to everything mentioned above, a current report proposes that the new terminal Samsung company logo available a folding screen. The multinational is emphasizing display technology for the future. Folding screen which we speak is a larger screen will occupy only half the space in our pocket.

Samsung is also testing a new processor core Exynos CPU as this means that the Korean company does not trust the ARM core series.

The company Samsung is creating a CPU code-named Mongoose, which will have an initial clock speed of 2.3 GHz, chipset delivered 45% more performance than single-core Exynos 7420 that uses the current Galaxy S6.

Your settings will be truthfully octa-core, representing that can offer twice the performance of the Exynos 7420. It is not yet determined whether Samsung will use this chip in the Galaxy S7, as it has been in development since 2011 and is still missing time to see it in action.

It may be that the Galaxy S7 is present during the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona.


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