WhatsApp for PC - Download Whatsapp for PC on your computer on an easy way

One of the best options to download WhatsApp for PC is, a part from YouWave, the Android emulator "BlueStacks 2".

WhatsApp desktop for PC with Bluestacks app player.

How to install WhatsApp for PC in your computer.

WhatsApp free for Windows 10 or WhatsApp for PC

WhatsApp for Windows 10. This software allows you to enjoy this great app on your computer as you do on your Smartphone with the difference that you will be able to chat with your friends or send photos or videos from the computer itself, without having a Smartphone or without having to be aware of the Smartphone. To enjoy WhatsApp for PC you have two options: Install WhatsApp Web or install an Android emulator as Bluestacks, Youwave or Genymotion, to then download WhatsApp for PC from the emulator on the Android system.

Download WhatsApp for Windows 10 and enjoy with this app on your computer.


Download WhatsApp for PC in three steps

Here you have the quick guide to download WhatsApp for PC in three easy and quick steps:

  • First download and install the Android emulator Bluestacks 2 in our computer.
  • Then set up a Gmail account to synchronize the applications of Play Store.
  • Search WhatsApp from Play Store or from the icon of search of Bluestacks and click on the button Install.

Install WhatsApp for PC on Mac

As you should already know, WhatsApp is an instant messaging app for the majority of Smartphones available for Iphone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows Phone. This app has been a revolution in SMS world due to the reduction of costs in the phone bill, allowing send a lot of messages at no extra cost. And now, thanks to Android emulators you can have WhatsApp for PC on your MAC by “Apple”.

How to install WhatsApp on your computer

To install WhatsApp for PC you only need a computer, internet and a number of mobile phone. Despite this app has been developed for Smartphones, it is possible to run WhatsApp free on your PC thanks to the existing Android emulators.

Install WhatsApp for Android

WhatsApp Messenger is one the most messaging app used around the world and you must be one of their users. Do not miss the opportunity to send text messages, photos, videos and even audio files to your friends and family. In few steps, you can install WhatsApp on your Android Smartphone.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone

For those who have a Smartphone that runs with Microsoft OS, that is, a Windows Phone, you can also enjoy WhatsApp on your last generation phone. This app is available for Windows Phone 7.5 or 8, and, of course, you must have a data plan on your mobile phone. Let’s see how to download WhatsApp free Mesenger for Windows Phone devices..

How to Install WhatsApp for BlackBerry

As you know, WhatsApp is a famous instant messaging app to send free messages to all your contacts who have this app on their Smartphones. It is available for the majority of mobile devices. The minimum requirements are: BlackBerry OS 4.6 or above and BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS). Get WhatsApp for BlackBerry!

WhatsApp for Nokia

WhatsApp can be also installed on Nokia S40 devices. If you owns a phone of the Finish company Nokia, you can enjoy all the features of this brilliant app, that is, send free messages, photos, videos and audio files.

Install WhatsApp free for Symbian

Nowadays, nobody wants to stay out of the world of WhatsApp and every day the developers of this instant messaging app work so that everyone can enjoy it. So, if you haven’t got this app on your Symbian phone, now it’s time to get it and join the world of free instant messaging.

Install WhatsApp for Ubuntu in WhatsApp for PC

Now you can download WhatsApp for Ubuntu, the instant messaging app on your pc with Ubuntu OS. Do not miss the opportunity to get WhatsApp for Ubuntu and enjoy the features of this great app. To enjoy WhatsApp in your PC also have the alternative of installing WhatsApp in Ubuntu or WhatsApp on linux.

In this article we try to explain how to download and install WhatsApp for Ubuntu 12.04 step by step, following the instructions below.

WhatsApp adds audio files

WhatsApp adds a new tool to use on Smartphones. Under pressure from its competitors in instant messaging as Line or Viber, among others, the team of WhatsApp has added sending audio files in their application. This new tool is available on all platforms where WhatsApp runs, that is, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows Phone.

Send longer videos with WhatsApp

One of the features that WhatsApp has added on its app is to send longer videos using its service, without the need of cutting the video as long as you do not want to send a video that exceeds the new size allowed, 16MB.